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 What DOTA is All About

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PostSubject: What DOTA is All About   What DOTA is All About EmptyWed Aug 03, 2011 8:21 pm

DOTA is all about Having fun. wow that sounded pansy....

DOTA is all about having fun while completely making the enemy your bitch.

thats better Smile

this Outfit was founded June 15th 2003 with the intention of giving every single 1 of its members the freedom to do absolutely what you want, meaning that if you want to be a heavy assault soldier you can or if you'd rather sit behind the lines repairing armor your free to do that as well, your only restricted to the certifications you pick, we do not pay for your subscription we wont dictate to you what to have. the exception being of course if YOU ask our opinion for certs.

I would like to point out that DOTA is not a Zergfit. I personally consider a Outfit to be a Zergfit if they have over 50 members and dont really do anything with each other just run around each doing their own little thing. DOTA requires a certain kind of member, 1 that is there to have a good time and not take shit to seriously while at the same time not being a complete lone wolf, we would rather that your playing with and helping out other members not always of course everybody should have a little alone time if they want, although then you wont get to witness awesome. Sure we can run around mindlessly recruiting every single person we see with "No Outfit" and then not do anything but run around circle jerking, and just be a Zergfit but then whats the point in having an outfit at all? that being said, we are not going to run operations 24/7 though we still strongly encourage members to stick together in squads and support each other with whatever role you can offer, if theres no operations being done and you feel a target facilty needs to be captured or sabotaged or we need to role armor due our troops being slaughtered by vanguards or magrides speak up what makes planetside better then any other FPS is the fact that its a MMO and theres so many people working together

I have been told several times before that our /outfit chat is strangely silent. and i reply to the people that tell me this the same way every time, "were on comms" while it isn't mandatory for you to use ventrillo to stay in DOTA it is strongly recommended due to the fact that its just easier for us to operate then stopping to type, it is also recommended that you log into the ventrillo server even if you dont want to talk, the pure fact that your ventrillo listening is a huge tactical advantage when we are in the middle of a combat zone

now to the part i hate writing.

if there's an issue between members please bring it to our attention before the problem gets out of control
firstly heres some stuff not to get pissy about:
- if a kill gets stolen by another member ( its a kill, K/D isent as important as people make it out to be ESPECIALLY in Planetside)
- if you get shot in the back ( boo-hoo i highly doubt he meant to do it no reason to start a TK fest) (PS> this does not apply to Nuker12214 and GoldenEagle-K Razz )
- if a member is doing something improperly (then fucking teach him properly dont get angry at them ffs)

these seem to be what start most issues, as you can tell i got a little angry while writing that i see no reason why those should ruin the cohesion of the Team we are here to kill and belittle the enemy not act like one of us is better then the other this includes every officer, you know that qoute?
Quote :
"united we stand, divided we fall"
yea that shit applies here also do not take banter or any comments towards you on ventrillo seriously its a game and were on comms sometimes this means we talk shit about each other but if you listen carefully the undertone is never serious and we would gladly always TK another hole outfit for the guy we just said likes to "command semen" because in the end he is the guy that you can count on to gun your vehicle or heal you or hack an equipment terminal for you

that is all for now Ladies and Gentlemen,
see you on the battlefield,
Welcome to DOTA.
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What DOTA is All About
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